Webinar On Web Proxies

2016-06-11(土)12:00 - 13:00





Web proxies are a malleable and quite useful tool for many purposes if you know what you are doing with them.These days it never hurts to be mindful of your privacy when you are surfing the Internet for business or leisure. Unfortunately, there are some people out there that are just waiting for the moment when they have the opportunity to eavesdrop and sniff information from a dedicated IP address.So it has become necessary for each one of us to know about proxies .
In computing terms, a web or CGI proxy, is a site that takes the role of a 'middleman' between your own connection and another website. Your connection connects to the web proxy, giving a request for a file or web page, or something similar. The web proxy then downloads this resource for you, and presents it back to you. In this way, web proxies can grant access to internet content that may be blocked to certain users or locations, with an additional bonus of providing a high amount of anonymity.Interested to know more ? Come join us we will tell you in detail about proxies right from why it is used and share our database which contains the largest collection of web proxy list
- Glype and PHProxy powered web proxies available on the internet.


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